About Therapy

Psychotherapy is a process that will help you in the understanding of different emotions and feelings that might be currently affecting your wellbeing and your everyday life. These feelings include anxiety, frustration, anger or depression, feeling low and with no motivation or excitement in daily activities. You might feel worried about something that is changing, feel challenged more than usual, or overwhelmed by different things happening in your life.

Therapy is the professional setting in which we can explore together what is going on in your life and how this is linked with what you are feeling. We will work together to find different ways to deal with issues arising, by discovering healthy skills and coping strategies, enabling you to look at life and its problems with different eyes.

My therapeutic approach

The psychodynamic approach focuses on past and present life events, relationships and feelings. It allows material that has been repressed because it is too painful, to emerge again in a safe environment, and be worked through together. In fact this material, consisting of past events, traumas and feelings, might be the cause of negative feelings and distress which are now preventing you from living your life fully. Allowing these to come up and be discussed during our sessions, will help you make sense of them and deal with them, so that you can see them differently and be able to move on with your life.

Your pace, your space

All of this is done together, but it’s based on your pace and on what you would like to talk about at each session. As your therapist, I will offer you an empathic, non-judgmental and containing space in which you will feel heard and helped to identify your own personal resources, such as coping strategies.

As you bring your personal and unique experience, the therapy will be adjusted to your needs and aims.

How I work as a counsellor

The first meeting is an initial consultation in which we get to know each other and discuss how to proceed with the therapy. In this initial meeting we will talk about practicalities, such as length of therapy, fees and the aim of therapy. The initial consultation is a time to explore the main concerns you have at the present moment, and start a process in which we will work together, session by session.

Psychodynamic therapy can be open-ended, which means that we will work short or long term, based on your identified needs and objectives. I also offer short term therapy with DIT- Dynamic Interpersonal Therapy, a semi-structured (16 sessions) individual therapy developed for mood disorders.

Once agreed, sessions will be at same time and place every week and each session will last for 50 minutes.


Everything you share during the session is kept confidential in line with the BACP ethical framework

However, confidentiality can be breached if there is a concern for your safety or somebody else’s safety, or if required by a court of law.

May I help?

If you think counselling may be helpful, do contact me by phone (07894857491) or by email. I'd be pleased to have a short (15 minutes) chat about what I can offer. Initially we can meet for an initial consultation, where we can talk about practicalities and what you would like to get from counselling and therapy. There are more practical details about venue, fees etc. on my Contact page.

Therapy Rooms

Bournemouth, Poole and Central London (Oxford Circus)